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MobaPhoto download


Download MobaPhoto version 1.42 for free


Version 1.42:
- Added Portuguese language (thanks to António PT)
- Added Slovak language (thanks to Peter Jendrisek)
- Added Italian language (thanks to Giacomo Margarito)
- Added Norwegian language (thanks to Bjørn Ivar Johnsen alias Bjørnsen)
- Corrected a bug with "big fonts"
Version 1.40:
- Added Spanish language (thanks to Enrique Glez. de Chavez and Gobois)
- Added Korean language (thanks to JaeHyung Lee)
- Added Arabic language (thanks to Mohammed Al-Foulad)
- Lots of improvements in the gallery creation window: you can now visually
adjust your gallery parameters
- A lot of new parameters are now adjustable for galleries (font colors/size/type,
editable and movable texts, ...)
- The gallery slideshow is now fully integrated in the thumbnail navigation:
you can decide to click on the "play" button anytime when viewing a picture.
- Added buttons for adjusting the slideshow speed in the picture galleries
- Added hotkeys handling in photo galleries ("p" or "<--" for Previous image,
"n" or "-->" or "space bar" for next image, "return" for starting the slideshow,
"+" and "-" for adjusting the slideshow speed, "Esc" or "q" for hiding the viewer)
- Improved the loading time and the loading window in picture galleries
- The icons have been updated for a better look
- The main picture browser can now show thumbnails of your pictures in order
to have a more efficient browsing experience
- The main picture browser has been improved (a new "parent directory" button added,
a new graphical selection, double-click to add new images, ...)
- A multi-level "cancel / redo" button has been added to the picture edition window
- The renaming window has been improved in order to make it more intuitive:
now the 3 different ways of renaming have been clearly splitted with 3 "radio" buttons
- The quick viewer is now able to load more graphics types than before
- The quick viewer is faster for loading pictures (in fact, it is now really fast!)
- Buttons placement have been revised in order to have a more intuitive interface
- A predefined setting has been added for wallpapers creation in the resize window
- The file selection window is now resizable
- The executable can now write its configuration to a file instead of the registry
(useful for portable collections!): you just have to put a blank text file in the
same folder as the EXE file and rename it like the EXE file with the extension ".mbp".
- Corrected a bug where uploading a gallery folder didn't work properly when there
was other files in it
- Corrected a bug where seconds were not retreived correctly in the renaming window
- Corrected a bug where the picture dimensions were not taken into account
in the galleries slideshow
- Corrected a bug when right-clicking on some picture folders and selecting
"renaming with MobaPhoto".
- Corrected a bug where right-click didn't work under Vista Home Premium
(thanks to the report of Softpedia)
- All the other bugs that have been reported have been corrected